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We’ve helped many companies maximise their claims by applying our many years of specialist knowledge and experience. Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experience of working with us.

We’re a large group of manufacturing companies. We knew we had a lot of qualifying activity but were unsure how to go about identifying it, collecting the information or how to engage our busy technical team unused to working on tax initiatives. Pronovotech devised a programme to reach out to our engineering function, got their buy-in to the claim process and worked with our finance staff to gather the cost information efficiently. With their skill set they were able to work seamlessly and collaboratively with a range of business functions in a way we had never seen from any tax advisers before.

Large Company Client

We had asked our tax advisers to look into whether we qualified for R&D tax credits but after a brief investigation without talking to our development team they concluded we didn’t. A contact suggested speaking to Pronovotech. They came in and spoke to our technical leads about the work they had undertaken. We were impressed with their understanding of our technology and they were confident much of our work would qualify so we engaged them to help us put our first claim together, which was successful. We have since made several annual claims working with Pronovotech generating significant cash benefit for our early-stage technology business.

SME Client

Our advisers had submitted a claim but when HMRC queried a number of aspects of the claim, it soon became clear they were unable to address the queries adequately. It also turned out they had claimed for some items they shouldn’t have. We sought help from Pronovotech who quickly identified where we had been going wrong. They were able to unravel the mess we were in, gain the confidence of HMRC in our R&D project and reach agreement resulting in a substantial part of our original claim being retained. We now use Pronovotech for our annual claims as we feel assured they are able to handle the process robustly.

SME Client